Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mothers, Friends, and Dogs

I have come to the intelligent conclusion that moms, friends, and dogs can pretty much help with any given situation. As long as you have at least one of the above, consider yourself lucky. Friends are not like what you find on television shows, coming and going throughout the day through an unlocked door and having jobs that they never seem to actually go to. And moms are not June Lockhart or Leave it To Beaver, wearing pearls and red lipstick whilst cleaning the house with a white picket fence. And dogs are not all Lassie, alerting you to small children stuck in a well... They are real people with kids, financial problems, marriage issues, and real occupations. Some dogs smell and sleep all the time, some friends have husbands who allow their wives to send "sensitive" pictures of recent medical procedures over the internet (I'm talking to you, "Regina"), or share their own experiences of loss to prevent you from making a rash decision, and some moms have their box o wine that gets them through the day... My point is, all of these people (and canines, or felines if you're into that) are there for you and if they judge you, hell, at least they do it behind your back. Like a good friend or family member would. I can take that.
Now as far as in-laws go, well, all that comes to mind is the "C" word. And Mom if you are reading this, I have taken pity on you and not spelled it out - but I wanted to, really, really badly.
Now look, I realize this was not my deepest or most literate post, but folks, I'm not Bill Shakespeare - we all have our breakdown moments...

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