Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Used To Sing In The Shower

Back in the day-o I fancied myself the next Natalie Merchant, or going back to 1982 the sixth member of Duran Duran (shut up). Up until two years ago I would sing in the shower. Ah, fond memories of actually having time to take a shower and shaving my legs or (gasp) under my arms, but I digress... I could sing anything, selections from the musical "Grease", something from 10,000 Maniacs, or perhaps my stand-by favorite 'Endless Love' (I sang both parts because I'm diverse like that y'all). My point is I actually knew the words to different songs.
Now when I find myself under the flow of water in my bathroom, the only songs that fill my head are those off my son's toys. The amount of times a day I hear "Hickory Dickory Dock" in some strange choral arrangement or "Row Row Your Damn Boat" is amazing. So instead of pretending I am the newest pop singer on the scene, living like a rock star, doing meth, and drinking too much - I am now reciting the ABC song (in English and Spanish). I often wonder to myself, is anyone else going through this too?

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chasingjoy said...

Whew! I feel your pain! We have a bit in common. I'm 36, have a 16 month old and am 29 weeks prego. Ah, to shave the pits. What a luxury!

So, do you know "The Other Day I Met a Bear." That's my shower song and better than Duran Duran on their best day! LOL.