Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Bloodletting...

In a solid effort to distract myself from recent issues, I have taken a course of action. This would be vigorously scratching the numerous mosquito bites I have accumulated over the past several days. My arms and legs are virtually covered with wounds from vicious insects. I found I have given in to the incessant itching they have caused and I scratch with great abundance. I scratch and scratch until I have big red marks and I bleed. *I can go off on a profound sidenote here about how my bleeding is a release of anger and vitrol that is inside of me but I shall skip it for now*
Anyway... I looked in the mirror after my shower and was astounded to see the injuries I have caused myself. Not to mention shaving my legs was purely out of the question. And as I sit here furiously typing away to finish this post before my children wake up, I continue to scratch. Where is my self control? Have I lost that along with my mind, my identity, and my good sense?

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