Monday, August 11, 2008

Are You There God? It's Me, Allie

First of all, props to those of you who get the title.

Do you ever have one of those days where (shudder) nothing goes wrong? The children act like humans, you have no headache, no bills came in the mail, you actually got to shower AND vacuum. And you're all "there is something highly suspect about this".
Like maybe you are hovering in a dreamlike trance because you have been in some accident and you're really under the influence of morphine in a hospital bed and just dreaming. Or perhaps this is Heaven and you've gone and died but were simply too tired to recall how you bit the dust. Because come on, how often do you have days where nothing strange happens? I did not fall under the attack of any camel crickets, the scary neighbor stayed inside while I went to the mailbox - it was pure bliss...
I did almost perish in the shower due to an unfortunate encounter with Nemo, but that doesn't count because I am not graceful by nature.
I am not trying to tempt Fate here and I am NOT complaining about my decent day. I just wanted to thank God, Buddha, Elvis, and Coco Chanel for letting me survive and state, for the record, that I didn't take it for granted. So tomorrow when I get the electric, car insurance, credit card, and various medical bills, when my toddler decides to grind Pop Tarts in the carpet with his precious little heel, when my six week old causes me to change three shirts due to spit up, when my dog licks her feet for so long that I want to open the front door and let her run free, and when a giant black spider with fangs stares me down in the kitchen causing me to protect my children from what I know is certain death from spider venom- I will close my eyes and remember today. And I am happy to have had a good day to remember.


Sarcastic Mom said...

Well, first of all, did you say it right before you opened your tiny, tiny little phone?

"Merman, MER-MAN!"

(I really hope you were there with me, otherwise, this was really dumb.)

Glad you had a decent day for once. And that I'm not the only one who is driven batty by the dog's stupid behaviors!

Anonymous said...

Here's to good days when we have them... and to Mike's Hard Lemonade when we don't.

kompostela said...

If we haven't darkness we didn't know what is light.
I believe that even the worst day have some pretty good minutes. I remember some of "the worst days" 10 -15 years ago when I upset by everything. Now that circumstances would make me only smile or even laugh:)

My pictures which I didn't like in the past seems beautiful for me now:) It means that we do not always appreciate what we have:)

Keep smiling. In some weeks you'll feel better and in some monthes you'll forget about your hard days.
Enjoy what you have.

Mary said...

Congrats on your good day. Here's hoping for more, sporadically thrown in here and there, in your future. And did you say you got a shower? Wow, that is a good day!