Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Showtime!!!

When I was younger I had a very different outlook on my future life as an adult. I was infatuated with any movie that incorporated dancing, singing, New York, and a possible addiction to speed. I fancied myself a Broadway dancer, auditioning for countless shows and waiting tables while being able to afford a loft apartment with exposed brick. I longed for the days that I would attend a performing arts school that didn't so much focus on academics but there was always a chance spontaneous dancing would occur at any moment. To this day I am fully prepared if the employees at Food Lion decide to break out in the Fame street-dancing routine. Oh yes, I can do it, and I would make poor dead Leroy proud... Need me to recite a monologue from A Chorus Line during one of Zach's humiliating audition sequences? I'm on it! And my dream role? Why the daughter in All That Jazz of course... Sadly, there are like ten more movies or shows I am not even mentioning.
Of course none of these aspirations came to fruition. I am not a dancer. I do not live in New York. I'm not a recovering coke addict with a bad knee due to all of my tricky Fosse moves. Oh well, I could have had it all and it has passed me by.
But has it?
I say no. No because I have spawned two possible future geniuses of music and dance. Because one day a child of mine could be thanking me when they accept their Tony. Because I listened to music and I still danced in the living room during my pregnancies.
Because now when I say, "boom chicka boom chicka boom" to my 19 month old, he dances.
He dances.


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

LMAO I visualized everything.


I'm going to say that to Braden tomorrow and see what happens.

chasingjoy said...

What's the name of the steak house where all the servers stop what they are doing to start line dancing at any ole time? Frickin hilarious except when you've been eating peanuts for 25 minutes and still haven't gotten a salad while your server is doing the Boot Scootin Boogie. LOL! Loved the post!